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Cedar Park Wrestling

ABOUT US________________________________________________________________CEDAR PARK WRESTLING

Cedar Park Wrestling is youth program for wrestlers of all skill levels, sizes, and genders. All children elementary to middle school age children are welcome to participate in our program. The program will focus on developing solid wrestling techniques while also incorporating the fun aspect of the sport. Wrestling teaches discipline, sacrifice, dedication, hard work, responsibility, and accountability.  Cedar Park Youth Wrestling

We encourage wrestlers to find a level of participation and intensity that fits them, this can change over time.  Some will wrestle year-round and become advanced, nationally competitive, others will like to compete in major events statewide but, because of conflicts with other sports some will only participate during the folkstyle season. We will have those who enjoy learning how to wrestle but only compete local events, and some will participate for the physical fitness and technical wrestling but never compete outside of our practice room. We look forward to developing champions on and off the mat.

New Wrestler Core Foundation
Hand Fighting/Set-ups
Double Leg Takedown
Single Leg Take Down
High C
Neutral Defense
Athleticism, Agility, Stamina
Discipline and Coachability

Intermediate & Advance Wrestler
Our programs helps athletes reach their full potential through our systematic approach while still being flexible to adapt to each wrestler’s style and strengths. You can expect to refine wrestling's core foundation, advanced technique training, drilling and live situations, chain wrestling, plus strength and conditioning.

Training Cycles
We offer four different training cycles throughout the year to learn more please use the link below.
Fall Preseason Folkstyle
Winter Folkstyle
Spring Olympic Style
Summer Wrestling

USA Wrestling Membership
In addition to the cost of registration, each wrestler is required to show proof of a current USA Wrestling Athlete's membership before participating in practice. For more information please refer to, USAW Membership
 Cedar Park Youth Wrestling

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Cedar Park Wrestling

Practice: 2150 Cypress Creek Road, --- Mailing: 2506 Durlston Court
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Email Us: [email protected]
Phone : 512-925-5299