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We encourage wrestlers to find a level of participation and intensity that fits them, this can change over time.  Some will wrestle year-round and become advanced, nationally competitive, others will like to compete in major events statewide but, because of conflicts with other sports some will only participate during the folkstyle season. We will have those who enjoy learning how to wrestle but only compete local events, and some will participate for the physical fitness and technical wrestling but never compete outside of our practice room.

Intermediate & Advance Wrestler
Our programs helps athletes reach their full potential through our systematic approach while still being flexible to adapt to each wrestler’s style and strengths. You can expect to refine wrestling's core foundation, advanced technique training, drilling and live situations, chain wrestling, plus strength and conditioning. For advanced youth wrestlers who want to eliminate their weaknesses and sharpen their skills, we will work to expand their offensive and defensive repertoire with advanced  fundamentals necessary to compete at a higher level. Technical adjustments and refined details will enhance their knowledge in positions as they learn the strategy and techniques to chain together advanced moves successfully.

Beginner Wrestler
For brand new beginner wrestlers who are looking to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Wrestlers will learn the basics of the neutral position, most common takedowns, top and bottom referee’s position, and the general rules of the sport. The main goal here is for the wrestlers to have fun while developing the skills and techniques needed to build a basic foundation of wrestling.

Wrestle based on experience, age and weight
Youth wrestling matches are held between wrestlers based on experience, age, and weight. The experienced groups are designed to allow for success while easing wrestlers into more advanced levels of competition. Experience is divided between first year (Rookie), second year (Novice), and more experienced wrestlers (Open). Rookies will wrestle other Rookie and occasionally Novice wrestlers. Novices wrestle other Novice, sometimes Rookie, other times Open wrestlers. Open wrestlers compete against other Open wrestlers, and occasionally Novice wrestlers. Age divisions are formed by two year groupings. Ages are taken as of September 1st and then divided as 5U (Tots), 7U (Division 1), 9u (Division 2), 11u (Division 3), 13u (Division 4), and 15u (Division 5).

USA Wrestling Membership
In addition to the cost of registration, each wrestler is required to show proof of a current USA Wrestling Athlete's membership before participating in practice. For more information please refer to, USAW Membership



Folkstyle Wrestling is the style of wrestling most widely practiced in the U.S. by youth wrestlers, in high school and college interscholastic competition. 
Grade Levels:
Elementary to Middle School - Boys & Girls

Practice Location
CPHS wrestling room

Practice Starts:

November 5
Academy Wrestler:
Wrestlers with prior experience, in 3rd grade to 8th Grade, or engaged new wrestlers, athletic
and ready to work hard to learn how to wrestle, 3rd to 8th grade: 

Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 
Practice Times: 6:00 to 7:25

Club Wrestler:
New wrestlers in Kinder to 5th Grade, interested in learning the sport, all returning wrestlers Kinder
to 2nd are club wrestlers. Wrestlers in 3rd to 5th grade can move up to Academy at any time with
coach consent:

Practice Days: Monday & Thursday 
Practice Times: 6:00 to 7:00

For more information please email [email protected]

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

TX USAW-Central Region Youth Tournament Schedule

2019 - 2020 Texas Youth Folkstyle Schedule  - updated 10/14/2019

It is recommended you talk with the coaches on what tournaments would be best for the wrestler to participate. Tournament participation is at the discretion of the wrestler and the family.




What age division and weight class am I in?

There are several age divisions and weight classes.  The division in which you wrestle is dependent upon your birth date and experience.  Weight classes are dependent upon how much you weigh at the time you weigh-in for a tournament.  To determine which division and weight class applies to you refer to the chart above. In Folkstyle tournaments age is based on how old the wrestler is on August 31.

What happens if I weigh more than my weight class at the time that I weigh-in for a tournament?

If you weigh more than the weight class for which you registered at the time that you weigh-in, then you will not be allowed to participate in the tournament at that weight class.  Each tournament has digression on how they handle when someone "bust" weight. If it is not delineated on the tournament flier you will be allowed to participate at a higher weight class (rebracketed), some tournaments will charge a fee to rebracket when a wrestling busts weight. 


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